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Urban fairy tales and music videos

Our Services

Feature Films and Shorts

Our main focus at Cypher Films is the creation of Urban Fairy Tales. Usually we shoot our own scripts but if you have a project you need help with and would like to share with us, hit us up. That is as long as your project is registered with the W.G.A for your (and our own) protection.

Music Videos

Cypher Films has been shooting music videos for as long as we have been making movies. Over the last 12 years we have produced videos of various genres. Contact us so that we can discuss your concept. We love to collaborate and work with all budgets.

Acting Reels

If you need a video presentation to show case your acting talents please contact us. We would love to compile your work into a short piece. We know your struggle and will help you to promote yourself at a reasonable price.


Live Events

Cypher has produced many live film, music, art, community and cultural live events. We can also provide video coverage for an event of your own.

Album Art and Graphic Design

We have always provided the illustrative needs for our artists and partners. We can provide these services for you.


Cypher Artists have committed themselves to coloring Brooklyn! We have created murals in school, for churches, day cares and private businesses. Let's make a more colorful world together.

contact for further information on your project.

Other Information